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Expecting friends or family for an extended stay at your house? Welcome them in style, and treat your overnight guests to a luxury hotel experience with all the comforts of home. Visit a modern bedroom furniture store in Atlanta today, and turn an extra bedroom into a haven your company will love to stay in! 

Comfy Chair

If space allows, add a substantial upholstered arm chair to a well-lit corner of the room. The choice of plush fabric or modern leather is entirely up to you. Offer a sense of personal space your guests crave when far from home. Include a fluffy, warm throw blanket to curl up in after everyone has gone to bed. Accessorize with an end table and lamp for softer ambient lighting to read by.

Breakfast Buffet

Use the valuable real estate on top of a dresser to set up a small coffee and tea bar. Your guests will appreciate the extra few minutes each morning to prepare for the day without having to interact first thing. Consider using a single-serve coffee pod machine. Reduce the potential mess of loose coffee grounds, and offer a choice of flavors your guests will enjoy. Use a tray or custom glass top to protect wood furniture.

Book Shelves

Provide a small bookcase with a selection of current fiction and non-fiction books on interesting topics for guests to thumb through in quiet moments. They may also welcome an assortment of magazines on a variety of topics, such as home design, sports, current events, or even science, history, and travel. Local interest magazines are also useful for planning events to attend, either together or apart.

Black Out Curtains

Depending on the time of year, the sun can rise hours earlier than your guests are ready for. Or, maybe there’s a street light that shines directly in the window. Dark curtains offer guests the option to block out as much unwanted light as they choose. Well-rested guests make for pleasant company!

Excellent Mattress

Your guests deserve a mattress that’s just as comfortable and supportive as the one you choose for yourself. A firm to plush mattress will suit most people. Avoid comfort extremes like an extra firm or super-plush pillowtop, or unique sleep systems like memory foam.