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Most people associate springtime with a dramatic change in your fashion choices, trading winter neutrals for bright and energetic spring hues, and shedding layers so that your skin can see some sunlight. But, did you know that spring is your chance to make interior decorative choices too? Visit any local furniture boutique and you’ll notice their showrooms offering brand new spring sets.

Just what is the secret to decorating for spring? The trick is to follow these 5 beautiful design themes that you’re sure to see this season. If you want your home decor to be ahead of the curve, start with these trends that take advantage of the best that home furniture stores in Atlanta will have to offer.

Warm Copper

Copper has the warmth and casual formality that gold, silver, and brass don’t. Install new copper overhead lighting, copper outdoor seating, and other metallic pieces. If you’re curious how to build a theme around a single material, it’s as simple as matching its reddish-gold hues with compatible colors, like orange, white, and even sea blue. Because too much metal can feel cold, be sure to balance copper with soft, matching fabric and leather.

Marble on a Budget

Marble is so pricey, especially on walls and floors, that it’s not beneath anyone to apply marble wallpaper or finish concrete floors with a faux-marble paint job. Because marble is vibrant and strong in texture, decorate with restraint, reflecting the colors in the marble theme. Visit an Atlanta furniture store for geometric tables, stylish seating, and other contemporary pieces that balance marble’s classical appearance.

Transparent Furniture

Don’t worry, there’s no need to re-inflate your 90s blow-up furniture. Your local furniture store should offer a unique twist on transparent furniture, including glass-top end tables and buffets, glass-front cabinets, and even acrylic furniture. Transparent materials don’t block natural light, they amplify it, and give you a clear, open sightline of the entire space. For best results, avoid cluttering transparent surfaces.

Simple Living

This spring, live simply. Don’t clutter your home with the obvious staples of outdated springtime interiors, like floral furniture, pastel art, and wicker. Springtime is a time to enjoy nature and sunlight, so make your home feel bright and airy. You might even consider taking down your thick window dressings too. A few statement pieces in a tight color palette should be just enough.

Navy Blue

Black and white everywhere used to be the way of modern decor, but no longer. This spring, replace the typical matte black surface with navy blue furniture, which is just a touch warmer and more inviting than black, without losing the sophisticated edge that dark hues lend to rooms. However, be economical with your use of navy. Too many dark colors can suffocate a room and block the bright, spring energy.

Design specialists at home furniture stores in Atlanta can help you design smart and live luxuriously this spring. Visit a local showroom or shop online to match these spring decorative trends.