Located in Ansley Mall between LA Fitness & CVS

For people that work from home, comfort is everything. You want the space to have an even flow so you can go about your daily tasks without hitting bumps along the way. Shelving provides more organization in your workflow, and choosing the right kind is crucial. If you have any resources in paper form, you need to be able to access them easily.

If you haven’t laid out a floor plan for your home office, the location of every facet is critical. Many people are subject to routine, so the right composition of every home office element should be ideal for your typical traffic flow. Essentially, you want a space where you’ll never bump into anything, and shelving is no different. With careful planning, you can position your shelving in a location that is easily accessible so you can quickly grab whatever you need. You need to determine whether you need the shelves closer to your desk or further away. It all depends on how you best operate.

Another thing to consider is your personal preference. You need function, but you should never sacrifice form. Whether you’re traditional in décor or prefer more sleek and modern furnishings, the shelving you choose will make or break the overall look of your home office. You still want to be proud of the space you’ve created and make a statement for those who have the privilege of visiting. Think carefully about your particular style, and move from there.