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Is your furniture outdated? Is the fabric faded or even torn? Update your living room in Atlanta with sofas and chairs from Intaglia. Your formal living room chairs will take on a new life with updated styles and fabrics. There are a lot of options for upholstery fabric, though. Make sure you choose the best fabric for your needs.

Furniture Usage Impacts Fabric Choices

If you have furniture that is used daily, or that children climb into and out of frequently, be sure to choose durable fabric that will stand up to heavy use. Less-frequently used chairs or a formal living room that does not get much daily use can be upholstered with a less-durable fabric, if that provides the look you prefer. When researching fabric options, look for the cleanability code and fabric content.

Natural Fabric Choices

There are several fabric choices for your living room that are made of natural fibers. The most durable of these are leather, cotton, cotton blends, wool, and higher quality vinyl.

  • Leather furniture is easy to care for and can be vacuumed, wiped with a damp cloth, and cleaned with a leather conditioner. It is strong and durable.
  • Cotton and cotton blends make excellent choices for busy families by providing decent durability. They are fairly resistant to soiling and can be treated with a stain-resistant finish that increases your odds of keeping the fabric looking nice even with everyday use.
  • Vinyl is a less-expensive substitute for leather that is easy to care for. Because you can wipe it clean when it gets dirty, you don’t have to worry about allowing your whole family to use the furniture daily.

Linen and silk fabrics are the other natural fabric choices available, and are upscale options that provide significantly less durability. Both must be professionally cleaned, and linen will look dirty and wrinkled quickly.

Synthetic Fabric Choices

Synthetic fabric choices are often used in combination with other fabrics to make a more durable option. For example, nylon does not soil or wrinkle easily, so using it in a blend can help make a very durable upholstery option. Polyester is often blended with wool to help prevent pilling of the wool.

Acetate and Rayon are both imitation silks. Acetate, though, does not offer a significant increase in durability. The only downside to rayon is the fact that it wrinkles.

Olefin is a good synthetic option that holds up well to heavy use.