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For people that want to stay on top of home decorating trends, it’s important to know the bedroom furniture in Atlanta that will be needed to create a modern look. We work to stay on top of these trends in order to provide the best ideas and options for our customers. Here are 5 modern ideas to create a modern look in a bedroom.

Metallic Objects

Metallic objects are a must in modern design. There are lots of ways to bring this into a room design. Some of the objects that could be a great addition to a bedroom could include a metallic chair, candleholders, flower vases, and other décor.

Statement Chairs

A chair can be a great addition to a room. It can be used for reading or visiting with others. It could also be used as a part of the design. When choosing the perfect chair for your room, make it a statement chair. These are unique items that can make the maximum impact in the room. Choose something with a bright, bold color. Look at armchairs and choose one with an interesting design. Examine our collection to think about the designs that appeal to you the most.

Feature Lighting

When it comes to lighting a bedroom, we know that sometimes you want to lay back and relax. Other times, you need great lighting for reading. We recommend soft lighting with lamps on your nightstand for the best effects. However, the lights that you choose can make a bold statement. Try a chandelier, pendant lights, and pendant shade lamps for an elegant, soft look.

Kirkwood Bed

Colorful Accessories

For modern designs, we recommend using neutral colors around the room. Then, bring the pop of color into the room through colorful accessories. Check out bright decorative pillows, colorful flowers on a nightstand, and other ways of bringing color into the room.

Unique Art

When it comes to the art on walls in a modern bedroom, try looking for unique art. More people are looking for art done by people they know. If they don’t know people who can paint, the next best thing is to find pieces of art that look contemporary and simple.

We can help you create a modern bedroom design. Starting with the beautiful bedroom sets that we offer, we can walk you through our inventory to show you the pieces that you can combine to create the perfect look that you would like in your bedroom. Keep these ideas in mind when you stop by our showroom to check out the pieces that are available to you.