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So you already have gorgeous looking wood furnishings that you love. But how do you keep it looking good as new? Wood furniture can last a lifetime, and if kept in good condition, you could even pass it on to your children and grandchildren. If you’re worried about making sure that your wood can continue looking beautiful, you should read on for how you can keep your furniture brand new with these effective cleaning tips.

Keep It Clean

The first step is to always minimize the damage and overall wear and tear that your furniture faces in the first place. Cleaning and restoration are most effective if you can avoid repeated abuse. Remember to always use coasters and trivets. Avoiding water damage is one of the best things you can do to preserve your wood. If you want to keep your bedroom furniture in Atlanta from aging prematurely, it’s a good idea to avoid leaving glasses or cups sitting out overnight. Moisture can build up and spills can leave stains. If you have figurines or other decorative items on your wood, you should make sure that they have felt mats. If at all possible, keep your wood out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can fade, discolor, and dry out the wood. It’s also recommended that you keep your furniture away from heating vents, which can also dry it out. Once you develop good habits, keeping your furniture looking fresh and new will be much easier.

Cleaning your wood furniture has several steps. You should dust your wood furniture every week with either a feather duster or a very soft cloth. Several times a year, you should also polish your furniture to help restore the natural oils and keep your wood from drying and cracking. You should stay consistent with the type of polish you use. If you use an oil-based polish, continue using oil. If you prefer a wax polish instead, keep using it. Switching between the two can cause clouding. You should avoid using silicone-based polish, since it can be difficult to remove and tends to build up over time. Silicone is not well suited to wood furniture. If you have laminated, sealed, or varnished wood, you don’t need to polish those surfaces. You can simply wipe them with a damp, soft cloth.

Cleaning furniture in Atlanta GA

Deeper Cleaning

A deeper cleaning should be done once a year. For annual cleaning, dampen a soft cloth and use a mild soap. Wash the wood gently but thoroughly, and then rinse. The rinsing doesn’t require much water. You simply want to clean away the residual soap, but you shouldn’t get the wood too wet. If your wood furniture has scratches or stains, you can use a solution of boiled linseed oil, turpentine, and hot water. Make sure that the solution is warm when it’s applied, but don’t burn yourself. Apply with a damp cloth, but don’t allow it to be dripping wet. Clean the surface of the wood, reapplying as needed. Immediately follow behind the application of the solution with a dry cloth, and remove all of the oil that remains on the wood.

By paying attention to your wood and dusting or cleaning as needed, your wood furnishings can remain lustrous and beautiful for many years.¬†Atlanta furniture¬†that’s well-tended can be preserved for generations, and it doesn’t take much of your time to ensure that it’s cleaned, preserved, and well-maintained. Your wood can keep looking new with less work than you think.