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Your living room is often a central hub for your home. Naturally, that means the design is going to be very important. Whether you want something warm and inviting, or striking and statement making, that space is going to be key to the overall style and aesthetic of your entire home. If you’re looking for some living room design ideas, you can keep reading below. Whatever your preferences, quirks, or wherever your imagination may lead you, it’s never a bad idea to keep the essentials in mind.

The Rustic

Wood and canvases are cornerstones of the rustic approach. Warmer woods can make for a soothing and inviting appearance, whereas the darker woods might be better suited to a sterner approach. You can even re-purpose some items like wagon wheels or wash tubs in new and interesting ways to make great additions to your living room. Barn doors have become a trend, and they partner with a rustic aesthetic incredibly well.

The Modern

Glass and metal make for a very modern, even industrial appearance. They also appear very clean and chic, which can work quite well if you want to create a certain mood for your living room. Brushed metals add a bit of texture, and satin glass or patterned glass can enhance the character of your living room. For a color scheme, the white and black or checkered approach is very common, but you can always mix that up with a number of different shades or by throwing reds and blues into the area.

The Statement

Geometric patterns and clashing, vibrant colors can make for big statement pieces. The rule of thumb is that you don’t want to overburden your area with wild, captivating furnishings. One or two primary pieces should be more than enough, and the rest can be more plain, while still being complementary. You should be able to find an Atlanta furniture store that can help you put together everything you need, while staying within a reasonable budget. Style, even if wild and captivating, doesn’t necessarily have to be stupendously expensive. You should be able to find a few exciting items around which you can build the rest of your living room and still have money left over for the occasional art piece or quirky end table.