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It’s time to think about creating a festive home for the holidays. The holiday season in Atlanta, GA, is about to start. Is your home ready to welcome guests at this special time of year? Organizing home furniture to create successful holiday gatherings does not need to be stressful. A walk around an Atlanta furniture store can provide helpful ideas for ways to arrange furniture to maximize space. Planning in advance for holiday gatherings gives you time to create a festive and welcoming environment in your home. Keep these things in mind when preparing for holiday entertaining.

Create Conversation Spaces

To encourage guests to mingle, create multiple spaces for quiet conversations. Not all guests like to be the life of the party and will appreciate a cozy area where they can visit with one or two friends. If your entertaining space is large, consider arranging furniture in small groups, or even moving chairs closer together so guests can talk without shouting. Have areas where larger groups can visit as well. Setting furniture pieces back-to-back if space allows is another creative way to give guests more options for mingling.

Store Non-Essential Items

Beautifully framed pictures of family are arranged neatly on a side table. Your cherished crystal vase collection adds a touch of elegance to a coffee table. You’re known for your tasteful décor, but consider storing accessories that aren’t essential to your holiday gatherings. Moving collections to another room opens up room for guests to move around comfortably. Removing certain furniture pieces creates more space, especially if you bring in another chair or two. Keeping non-essential items out of the way also eliminates the chance of a guest accidentally damaging your treasures.

More Dining Space

What if your dining area is not large enough to fit your guest list? It’s relatively easy to create several areas where guests can eat together. One idea is to fashion a few low tables from crates topped with fabric covered tabletops. Big, comfortable pillows can be set on the floor and used for seating.  A great way to maximize space for serving refreshments is to use a rolling cart for drinks. An ice bucket, glassware, and essential cocktail items are in one place, and the cart could be used to take drinks to guests. Appetizers or a selection of desserts look enticing displayed on a glass console. Add a few elegant seasonal pieces to complete your holiday look.

Call in the Professionals!

Hiring a professional to help organize your home for the holiday season is certain to decrease the stress of planning for gatherings. An organized home goes a long way toward creating warm and welcoming spaces for guests. A professional organizer looks at your home with a fresh set of eyes, often noticing things you might have missed. How you arrange your furniture in Atlanta is key to successful holiday gatherings. A professional can help identify potential space issues and make suggestions to help you have your home ready and welcoming for the holiday season.