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Does your living room set in Atlanta feel sort of drab? Are you ready for a change but not sure where to start? Sometimes the smallest changes can make a big difference in your living room. If you’re not ready to replace your living room furniture in Atlanta, flooring, or paint, then perhaps a smaller change would be more fitting. One idea for bringing a fresh new look to your living room is to replace your throw pillows. It might not seem like much, but new throw pillows can bring your living room back to life. Here are some tips for choosing new throw pillows for your furniture.

  • Consider the size – When choosing new pillows, consider the size of your sofa or chairs. A pillow that is too large will overwhelm the sofa while a pillow that is too small will disappear into the décor of the sofa. A properly sized throw pillow will stand out from the sofa without overwhelming it.
  • Try an odd number – Having an odd number of pillows on your sofa can make it appear to have an artful flair. For a sofa, try three or five pillows to create some pop in your living room. For chairs, have a single throw pillow instead of two.
  • Create contrast – If your sofa is a neutral color, consider using pillows with bold colors to create some pop. Also, mix textures as well. If your sofa is smooth or silky texture, consider a linen pillow to create contrast. The other benefit to mixing textures is that your pillows will be less likely to slide off the sofa and out of position.

Updating the look of your living room does not need to be an expensive affair. It can be as simple as a trip to the local furniture store to pick out a collection of new throw pillows to bring new life to your living room. Varying the textures, colors, and styles of the pillows can create a new and inviting look in your living room that will keep you satisfied for many years to come.