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Whether you’re buying a new home or redecorating your long-occupied family home, new furniture and decorations can breathe new life into a place and make it your own. We have a variety of styles and types of furnishings to meet our customers’ needs. How can you pick between so many great options? When choosing how to decorate and in which home furniture stores near Atlanta to look for quality pieces for your home, a few approaches can help you narrow the options.

Map Your Space

When you’re figuring out how to organize the interior of your home, it’s helpful to map out your space and get precise measurements. You can take the measurements into furniture stores to make sure that you can fit objects around each other and give enough space for walkways.

To begin, look at the rooms that you’re interested in redecorating. Take a piece of draft paper and draw its shape. If you prefer not to draw, you can use a computer program of your choice to create a rough room shape. From there, mark where the windows, doors, vents, and other permanent features are. You can also measure your current furniture and note it as a benchmark for the size of furnishings that you’ll likely be looking at. Keep the measurements in a safe place so that you can use them to consult with your furniture-store helpers.

Find a Color Palette

When choosing furniture, whether upholstered or not, understanding the types of colors in your interior design can narrow your furniture selection. Many interior designers recommend that you choose 2 or 3 coordinating colors that you’ll pull into your furniture, decorations, and other elements of the room. You can get color chips from paint stores, or print off pages of interior-decorating color schemes from the Internet. It’s helpful to collect examples of decoration or rooms that you find especially evocative or that look similar to what you have envisioned for your own home.

Once you’ve chosen a color palette, it will be easier to work around it and ultimately select furniture to complement it.

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Choose Coordinating Materials

Glass, fabric, metal, plastic, and wood are all common materials used in interior design. The right combination can help align your design with a particular style. Too many materials can make the room you’re designing look too cluttered, while too few can make it look bare or fashionably minimalistic. Choosing the right furniture depends on selecting pieces that have the right combination of materials, colors, and functional features.

Select Quality to Last

We recommend that you visit our furniture stores in Atlanta to get an idea of what great-quality furnishings can do for your interior design. Furniture is an investment. You’ll use it every day and it will impact the ambiance of the most important space: your home. For these reasons, investing in furniture of solid quality is the best plan for creating a space that makes you feel relaxed and glad to be there.

Choose pieces that look solid and that are made out of materials that have been carefully selected. Make sure to test out pieces and see them in person so that you can get the best idea possible of how it will appear in your house.