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Your living room is more than just where you keep your couch. It’s a center for entertaining guests and enjoying the holidays as well. For such an important room, it’s understandable that homeowners spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out the best design. It’s easy to find a furniture store in Atlanta, but it’s not as easy to discover the perfect decor to bring your vision to life. Luckily, there are lot of amazing ideas out there, and one of them is bound to inspire you.

The Bohemian Look

Vibrant colors are a perfect way to celebrate summer. You can use a mixture of different patterns and colors, whether painted or printed, to bring new life to your living room. A bright blue, teal, or coral can create wonderful highlights that deliver the colors of the season, and they don’t have to overpower the room. If you prefer to avoid painting, you can use patterned wallpaper instead.

The Gallery Approach

Empty walls are bland and boring. Art is a wonderful way to enhance your living room, and paintings can really help to transform previously barren walls into something more captivating. The art doesn’t have to be expensive. It just needs to be expressive, mesh well with the rest of the room, and be something that you’ll appreciate. You can play with different colors, themes, shapes, or practically anything that you can imagine. You might not want to overdo it. A few key pieces here and there are sure to be more than sufficient.

Decorate for the Season

You should never forget summer when decorating. Any seasonal design should show off some of the natural beauty, wonder, and appeal that the season brings. Fortunately, summer gives you an abundance of material to use. Fresh flowers and freshly cut greenery can brighten the area, provide an amazingly fragrant aroma, and serve as decoration all at the same time. Bold colors like orange or yellow are especially effective for providing a freshness and lightness to the space.

Use Cotton and Linen

When it comes to fabrics for summer, you always want something that breathes and feels soft or smooth to the touch. Cotton and linen are both excellent for that. Probably no fabric is more closely associated with summer than cotton, so using it on your furniture is definitely a smart move. Linen is second only to cotton, and mixing the two together can go a long way. Light colors, such as biscuit tones or whites are perfect, and they allow the rest of the room to deliver the wow factor, while not overpowering the area. When looking forĀ living room sets in Atlanta, be sure to think about how you’re using the space, so you get the most out of it.