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When shopping for living room sets at an Atlanta furniture store, you’ll likely find yourself overwhelmed by options. But before you settle for one of those cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all sets that so many stores carry, consider these 5 trendy ideas instead:

  • Jewel tones – When there are so many colors in the world, why would you settle for the same neutrals as everyone else? Look for fabrics that have gorgeous jewel tones to make your furniture stand out.
  • Mix colors and fabrics – There’s no rule that says your sofa and loveseat have to match. Think outside the box, and ask about getting different upholstery on the different pieces of your living room set.
  • Get unique pieces – Not every living room needs to have the exact same pieces of furniture, but it seems like they all do. Stand out from the crowd and get a few more unique pieces to go with your set.
  • Use patterns – Solid fabrics are dull! Spice up your living room set by opting for a patterned upholstery. Or, see if you can get an area rug with a bright, bold pattern added to your set.
  • Mix it up – While pre-made sets are a great way to fully furnish your living room for a low price, they’re not the only option. If you don’t like the sets the store has, pick and choose individual pieces that work well together, and make your living room truly unique!

If you follow these 5 trends when buying living room sets in Atlanta, your living room will stand out from the home decor crowd!