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When it comes to creating the perfect living room for relaxing and socializing, the right coffee table can make all the difference. The coffee table is the focal point that can tie your whole room together. Before you start shopping for living room furnishing in Atlanta, here are a few reasons why the geometric coffee table is so popular.

The Social Centerpiece

In recent years, the coffee table has replaced the formal dining table as the social centerpiece of the home. Busy families who are always on the go find time on the weekends to gather in the living room for movie night and game day. For Sunday brunch and wine tastings, friends gather around this underrated piece of furniture. King Arthur got it right when he crafted a roundtable for his council of knights. The shape encourages the flow of people and conversation in both the office and the home. The traditional square table with adjacent couches and chairs stifle conversation and disrupt energy flow. There is always that one person at the end of the table whose cut off from the conversation as well as food and drinks on the opposite end. In a circular setting, everyone is facing inward and they all have equal access to food, drinks, and conversation.

Small Spaces

When space is limited, the coffee table shouldn’t make a dent in your square footage. Prioritize comfortable seating and complement your setting with a circular or octangular coffee table. If you need more table space for get-togethers, consider a table with pull-out leaves or with smaller tables that slide underneath. If you need floor space for charades or twister night, you can push your round table into the corner out the way where it won’t interfere with the flow of traffic.

Family Friendly

Round tables provide more natural pathways for traffic flow in your room, thus reducing the number of knee and leg related accidents. For parents with small children, the smooth lines of a round table are durable enough to handle a game a chase around the room without the fear of sharp corners. Modern designs using a metal framework are lighter than traditional coffee tables which means you can move them without breaking your back.

Versatile Design

Round and geometric coffee tables have gained a considerable following the design industry over the last few years thanks in part to the minimalist movement. The simplistic surface with a supporting framework of thin metal works with a multitude of decorating styles including retro revival, coastal, and contemporary. One of the most popular coffee table styles paired a faux marble tabletop with rose gold geometric legs. This combination of stone and metal will add warmth and character to just about any room. Check out this style and many others at your local furniture store in Atlanta, GA.