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Is your bedroom in need of a makeover but you don’t know where to start? Interior decorating can seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re looking for quality bedroom furniture in Atlanta, check out these top five interior design tricks to help transform your bedroom! 

  1. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. First you need to decide what kind of room you are trying to create. Warm neutral grays and browns, cool blue hues, and soft greens are all good choices for creating a calming and relaxing space. Lighter colors will also make a small room feel larger. Choose brighter colors for a more upbeat, cheery feel. If you are nervous about too much color, try painting just one accent wall for some extra pop.
  2. A large mirror can also make a small space feel more airy and open. If your bedroom is lacking in natural light, place a mirror directly across from the window to create a sense of brightness. Decorative mirrors also work for filling up empty wall space.
  3. A new piece of furniture can always spruce up a space, but using what you already have can work, too. Try painting or re-staining an old desk or dresser for a fresh look. Re-purposing is a huge trend right now. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match older pieces with new ones.
  4. New bedding is a great way to liven up your bedroom. If you decided on a more neutral wall color, brighten things up with a bold print comforter and decorative throw pillows. Again, don’t shy away from mixing different patterns and sizes. It’s all about your personal style. Not everything has to match!
  5. It’s usually the little things in a room that make it a great space. A beautiful area rug, a piece of  artwork or a funky lamp  all help bring a room together. Don’t forget personal touches such as family photos to really make the bedroom your own.

The consultants at Intaglia Home offer expert interior design services in Atlanta, GA. Contact the design team for more useful tips on decorating your home.