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While Mother Nature handles exterior design with bright blue skies and a sprinkle of yellow and orange this time of year, we’re keeping our eyes on the interior. Curious about what new things are happening in furniture this season? Wonder what’s new in color, and what the best designers are up to as we head into cooler weather?

We’ve got you covered! We’ve assembled a handful of the best Atlanta furniture trends to look out for this fall.

Go Nude

You’d never have thought so many light browns could be this scrumptious. Beige and shades of white are making a quiet splash of their own this season. Neutrals provide a natural palette on which you can express yourself through shape and texture. Designers are turning to 3-D art and furniture in bold shapes to pique visual interest and stimulate the eye against a backdrop of beige.

White on White

This trend takes neutral to its ultimate limit. Pair the whitest of whites against a textured backdrop of natural linen or a soft creamy beige. You’ll make a visual statement that’s quiet but powerful. It’s hard to imagine anything more elegant than a white upholstered sofa with curving lines against a Kilim beige background. This look is all about the well-placed details. How about a cashmere pink throw?

Collect and Curate

It’s not just for Pinterest anymore! This current trend towards “curated” design elements adds a personal touch to any space and will please the hunter-gatherer in you. Here the quirkier and more colorful the collection, the better. Hello, outdoor flea market!

This trend extends to the walls, too. The curated look can especially update a more traditional gallery wall. The intentional collisions created when you gather and display your found treasures can breathe new life into any space.

Go with Your Heart

Trends, like these, are refreshing and bring in the new (or new again). But, remember this basic tenet that should underlie all of your furniture and design choices. Never fear putting your heart and true self into a room.

Choose pieces for the simple fact that you fell in love with them! A room designed around a piece like that is often a designer’s dream room. Following your heart will make your space more joyful.