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Modern bedroom in Atlanta GAAre you considering an upgrade to your bedroom aesthetic? If you’re trying to make your bedroom look more elegant and are considering new bedroom furniture in Atlanta to help with that, then here are some tips on how to achieve a bedroom look upgrade on multiple levels.

Color Foundation

If you’re trying to achieve a more elegant look in your bedroom, it’s all going to start with the color palette of the room. What color are the walls? What about the comforter and any accent colors in the room? These accent color choices, and how they coordinate together to create the ideal look makes all the difference. Elegance is easier to achieve using neutral colors, but is also possible with carefully coordinated colors, like burgundy and cream, for example.

Pillow Power

If your bed and any side chairs in your bedroom don’t have throw pillows, then now is the time to consider investing in them. Nothing works wonders on making a bedroom look more sophisticated like the simple addition of a carefully placed pillow. These don’t have to be in the traditional shape, either, so consider the possibilities and get creative!

Work the Windows

If your bedroom windows don’t have drapes, they need them. These shouldn’t be your quirky dorm room equivalent, either, but should be carefully considered in conjunction with other accent pieces in the room, such as throw pillows. The type of drapes that tie at the sides instead of just unfurling from the top have that extra measure of classic sophistication.

Luminous Lighting

The décor in your room may mean little if it doesn’t appear in the best lighting. What kind of overhead lighting do you have, and does it look luxurious or tacky? Consider the best options for bedside lamps. Modern shapes or classic square shades are great options. Do you want bright or warm low-lights, or the option for both? Consider this and choose your lighting fixtures accordingly.

Furniture Upgrade

Maybe you’ve had that bed frame since you first moved out on your own and it’s time to upgrade? There is a wide variety of headboard and bedframe styles out there that you can choose from based upon the room’s style theme, whether classic wood or modern minimalism. Also, side chairs, side tables, and dressers can potentially get a style upgrade as well. All of these are an opportunity to upgrade your bedroom furniture in Atlanta.

Accessorize Your Space

A vase filled with flowers from your wedding spray painted gold may sound like a strange way to accessorize your bedroom space—but then again, it could be the perfect touch. Do you have a wall mirror, or a standing one? Are there plants in your room, and do you want them there? Vases, stylized counter-accents, and wall mirrors are all a great way to enhance your living space.

Clean Up Clarity

When you clean a space, you instantly feel that much more relieved and at ease in that same space. The easiest upgrade on this list for creating a more elegant space in your bedroom is to keep it free of clutter.