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The “modern” concept of a house revolves around the assertion that everything in the house, including the decorations, serves a purpose. While that seems bland at first examination, even with the emphasis on optimum functionality, you have a lot of decoration options. Keep these in mind as you shop for your bedroom at your favorite furniture store in Atlanta.

Raw Architecture as Decoration

This concept uses bare walls, shelving, and flooring as the decoration that drives the look and feel of the room. Colors can be both bold or mild, but there is an emphasis put on contrast, utilizing bright white trim to bring out the vibrancy of the walls. Add other accouterments like bedroom furniture, shelving, a vase, etc. and the architectural beauty of the room becomes even more vibrant, more enhanced.

Clean Lines and Natural Light

Another decoration strategy is to use classic aspects of modernism. These include clean lines and defined shapes, natural light and simple decoration ideas, like books, vases, jewelry boxes, etc. Merged with a natural color accent wall, wood floors and distinct, precise trim and your bedroom will look attractive while remaining simple, open and functional in purpose.

Simple Artwork and Subtle Colors

A modernistic bedroom will have clean, simple artwork, solid colors and natural architectural elements that will be used as decorations or augmentation to decorations. Including furniture that has more pronounced colors will accentuate the furniture and bring attention to the subtlety of the surrounding scheme. The artwork you use should be of a portrait or scene, something that will get noticed, but not dominate the room.

Recessed Lighting

Simple paint schemes and decorations can be accentuated by recessed lighting, be it natural lighting from windows or artificial, indirect lighting. Neutral colors are softened by recessed lighting, and the lighting helps to create an open, airy concept when used in conjunction with recessed or direct lighting.

Natural Light and Contrast

Natural light works well with almost any decoration, color or architectural scheme. This is particularly true if you use natural wood throughout your bedroom. Dark wood panels, trim and flooring all bring out the best in natural light. You can also add lighter colored decorations and fixtures from your furniture store to moderate the darker wood look and feel.

Simplicity with Color

Modernism is about incorporating the functional and simple into your bedroom decorations and fixtures. The same applies to color. Incorporating warm, bright colors into your bedroom will serve as an effective counter to the pragmatism of strict modernism. Bright colors can be incorporated into bedding, lampshades, even trim and rugs.

The concept of modernism incorporates functionality, simplicity, and color to create a subtle, yet bold, soft, yet distinct decorative, bedroom motif. Use these ideas today at your furniture store in Atlanta to create a bedroom you can relax in but is still highly functional.