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Houses become beautiful homes when unique attention to detail is used as you design each room. Interior design is an art, and one that most of us aren’t born with. 

We all have styles and colors preferences. But where exactly are you going to put that new deep burgundy couch you couldn’t live without? Not in the bright yellow living room. This is one of the many reasons to hire an interior designer to help you create a smooth, fresh, new look with pieces of furniture from a furniture store in Atlanta.

Interior Designers Have Experience

When you build a relationship with an interior designer, they’ll take your vision about the bedroom furniture arrangement and make it into a plan. And then, they’ll begin to make phone calls to their network.  Interior designers build a very classy book of contacts which will benefit you and your goals redesigning your home.

Our Interior Designers, at Intaglia Home Collections, have a combined 50 years in design experience.  Each designer has their own unique approach and enjoys working close with their clients.

It’s All About Communication

Interior design is an art, and every art has its own language. However, an interior designer will have the unique talent to put into words images that, until now, have only existed in your head.

The professionals at Intaglia Home Collections know how vital communication is during the design process.

Interior design

A Comprehensive Look

Interior designers have the ability to see a bigger, comprehensive picture. Their training includes historical elements, color theory, effective use of space, and more. There’s nothing worse than being sure the pieces you chose at home furniture stores in Atlanta, were the same shade as the piece that arrived yesterday on a delivery truck, only to discover they are so similar they clash.  An interior designer knows how to blend all your choices into a comprehensive and eye-pleasing look.

Save Money with A Timeline

When you hire a service, you expect things to be completed according to the agreed timeline. An end goal serves two purposes.

  • It keeps the project moving forward, allowing you to stay engaged until the “final reveal.”
  • It saves you money as all purchases are made within the same window, helping you avoid impulse buys that never find a place in your new home.

Whether you’re renovating an existing house or beginning the process of building your dream home, hire an interior designer to bring your vision to life. They’ll be able to source pieces both from a furniture store in Atlanta and use their contacts in the interior design industry.

Should you be researching or interested in Interior Design Services, give Intaglia Home Collections a call at 404-607-9750.