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When considering a layout for your dining room, it’s important first to know how you’ll be using it. For example, is it more of an ornamental space or will you have nightly meals there? Knowing how you plan to utilize the space before designing it is crucial to maximizing the room’s potential. Remember, the room is more than tables and chairs. A large part of the ambiance comes down to lighting, rugs and storage areas. Here are some pointers for things to consider before visiting a furniture store in Atlanta for your dining room layout.

The Dining Table

When picking out a dining table, know your room’s size and shape, how you plan on accessing the space, and home many people you’d like the room to accommodate. Always keep in mind, table shape is everything.

Rectangular tables are great for large or narrow spaces. Square and round styles fit well in smaller spaces as well as open concepts. These tables can also make conversation amongst the entire group a little more comfortable. Removable tables are a good choice if your party sizes usually fluctuate.

Table Size

A good rule of thumb is that the size of the table should never disrupt the flow of traffic about the room. Make sure to account for leaving adequate area between the walls and table. For example, will your guests be able to move back their chairs without causing congestion or awkward moments?


Dining chairs must have plenty of clearance space so they effortlessly tuck beneath the table, allowing plenty of room for the guest’s knees and elbows. As far as seating types are concerned, this is really dependent on the interior design of the space. If convenience is a priority, you may want to look into purchasing a full dining set.


The rug is that item that pulls the room together and helps compliment the room’s overall style. The rug should cover an area large enough so that it does not cause any trouble spots for the guests when moving chairs to and away from the table.

If you would like to learn more about how to create the perfect dining room layout for your home or would like to find a home furniture store in Atlanta, contact Intaglia Home for more info.